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Attitudes to and Economic Impact of Cannabis in Oceania

Impact of Cannabis in Oceania
In the last three decades, production, distribution, marketing and consumption of both illegal and legal substances in Oceania has transformed. International drug cartels are using sophisticated methods to move marijuana in and out of Oceania.

In Oceania today, Marijuana is by far the most widespread illegal substance.

Very little information has been documented concerning the use of marijuana, and it is not known the exact time when cannabis was introduced in Oceania. However, it is noted that in Australia, marijuana hit the streets before 1960.

Australian youths began smoking cannabis prevalently in the mid-1960s. Extensive smoking of marijuana in Oceania started in the late 1960s thanks to the influx of young expatriates. Then, it was an easy task to transport illegal substances such as marijuana into Oceania.

Local Production
Marijuana was grown locally by expatriate users who settled in Oceania. They started growing the crop for their personal use. The local growers began sharing cannabis with their friends and a chain of marijuana smokers infiltrated the local community.

Australian marijuana legalization

Inceasing support for legal weed

The sporadic use of Marijuana prompted authorities to take action on local growers prosecuting them and sending them to prison. By 1980, Marijuana cultivation was moved into the remote regions and was focussed particularly on the overseas markets.

A report published in 1988 claimed that the eastern province held the highest number of marijuana users. The Highland area however attracted more foreign customers due to the high-quality marijuana it was producing.

More and more cannabis plantations started springing up in the mid-1980s as cultivating the crop earned farmers and the cartels immense profits. Marijuana cultivation in the highlands was only surpassed by coffee cultivation.

Estimates suggest the first crops ensured that an extra $230 million began to circulate in Oceania in the form of employment, bribery, and consumption. To evade capture and prosecution, marijuana was and still is smuggled outside Oceania in small boats and small planes.

The Hidden Economy
Due to the illegality of marijuana growing, trade and use, the substance today forms part of the underground economy. Today, it is not possible to obtain the actual figures that cannabis reaches in Oceania.

The drug is illegal, and this means that it remains untaxed, and the region doesn’t profit from the overall growth and use of the crop.

The community in Oceania is however not pleased with the extensive use of the draconian colonial law that prohibited the growth and use of cannabis in Oceania.

Oceania's growing interest in weed

Appreciating nature

Should the authorities be wise and legalize marijuana, the national consumption of cannabis would provide an instant and important boost to the  economy, through taxes collected from its legalization.

There is a group of people emerging and claiming that there is social injustice being done in Oceania; they claim that most government officials do not want marijuana to be legalized.

These officials are concerned that legalization would lessen the consumption of other legal substances such as alcohol and cigarettes. The economic impact of cannabis is being held back by vested interests.

Failure to legalize cannabis in Oceania means that cartels operate incognito and end up profiting from the trade. The legal use of cannabis could turn black money into beneficial social projects.

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Medical Marijuana: Legalities & Health Condition Uses

Medical Marijuana: Legalities & Health Condition Uses

Maryjane standouts amongst the most valuable and dynamic substances known today. Therapeutic Cannabis alludes to the utilization of the medication cannabis as a doctor prescribed natural treatment, most outstandingly as an antiemetic. Cannabis has been utilized for restorative purposes for more or less 4,000 years. Works from antiquated India affirm that its psychoactive properties were perceived, and specialists utilized it for a mixed bag of diseases and afflictions. These incorporated an entire host of a gastrointestinal issue, a sleeping disorder, cerebral pains and as an agony reliever every now and again utilized as a part of labor.


In the 1970s, an engineered rendition of THC, the essential dynamic fixing in cannabis, was integrated to make the medication Marinol.

Because of the forbiddance of cannabis anyway; it’s utilization as a prescription is limited. Even though, late Canadian government enactment have made it more accessible to patients. Patients are presently ready to apply for individual ownership and even a restricted development permit.

Couple of herbs offers a wide mixture of remedial applications like these:

  • Relief of muscle fits
  • Relief of interminable agony
  • Reduction in interlobular weight inside the eye
  • Suppression of queasiness
  • Weight misfortune – build and restore digestion system

Different Uses:

  • AIDS – Marijuana can diminish the queasiness, loss of craving, spewing from the condition itself and the prescriptions also.
  • Glaucoma – Marijuana diminishes the inward eye weight of glaucoma, and in this manner calming the torment and abating or notwithstanding halting the condition.
  • Cancer-Many reactions of the prescription to stop disease can be calm with Marijuana, a few studies propose that Marijuana has a tendency to back off the advancement of a few sorts of a tumor.
  • Multiple Sclerosis – Muscle torment, spasticity, tremors, and shakiness are a portion of the impacts brought on by the sickness that can be alleviated by Marijuana.
  • Epilepsy – in a few patients, epileptic seizures can be avoided with Marijuana utilization.
  • Chronic agony – Marijuana serves to assuage the torment brought on from numerous sorts of wounds and issue.
  • Anxiety, Depression or Obsession – Even however gentle tension is a typical symptom in a few clients, cannabis can raise your mindset and extend the brain


Numerous fixations or snappy fixes to mental issues can be alleviated by Marijuana also. Numerous individuals eat it in light of the fact that they’re discouraged. On the off chance that the despondency is dealt with, the fixation on eating ought to be gone also.

Any of these phycological conditions can be dealt with by a specialist; weed ought to be an option treatment, utilized as a part of conjunction with psychiatric treatment.

Physical Addictions – There have been affirmations from sedative clients that report a facilitating of dependence desires. Some cannabinoids in cannabis are accepted to have comparable impacts as ibogaine, a drug used to treat heroin dependence.

The cannabinoids in Marijuana mirror the recuperating impacts of an actually happening compound in the cerebrum called Anandamide.

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